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Everyone a minister serving Christ's body locally,  the community around, and the world beyond

submitted  2/10/16

Wednesday, February 10th

6:30 PM Bible Study at Hermsens

Thursday, January 11th 

9:30 AM Women's Studay at Church

10:00 AM Rawhide Prayer at Rawhide

Sunday, February 14th

9:00 AM Youth Study

10:00 AM Worship Service

11:20 AM Annual Meeting

Wednesday, February 17th

6:30 PM Study of I John at Hermsen's home

Thursday, February 18th

9:30 AM Women's Studay at Church

Saturday, February 21st  

9:00 Youth Study

10:00 Worship Service followed with Fellowship Meal



We begin last Sunday to cover the forth division in Luke's gospel writing that will extend from chapter 4-21.  We call it Jesus' "societal work."  He will step into ministering in the Galilean area.  It will be fun seeing Jesus express Himself in mature ministry and see how all of society responds to him as well as how we respond to Him.  His first two visits will be in synagogues.  Last week we saw how Jesus was first embraced and then an unsuccessful attempt was made to "erase" Him for good.  Thank God He slipped away.  This week He is back ministering to another synagogue, this one in Capernaum.  Jesus will show us here just how powerful He really is. 

The Son of God appeared for this purpose: to destroy the works of the Devil."

1 John 3:8b

On Sunday the 14th of February we will look at a second congregation that the Lord taught and ministered to.  We will find a demon disclosing itself in this congregation.  We will learn that Jesus is sovereign over all the demonic forces that hang onto people in hopes of keeping them in bondage to Satan's world system of wickedness.  Come watch Jesus shatter this stronghold then and in you today.

On Sunday the 21st of February we will look into a summary statement regarding the powerful nature of Jesus' ministry in Luke 4:38-42.  We will celebrate at fellowship meal after the worship service. 



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