Welcome to Faith Christian Church

Our Mission

To glorify God by equipping believers to go to the people of the New London area with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and train them in their relationship with God so they in turn will do the same.

Faith Christian Church Wisconsin

Current Teaching

We are in a journey through the Old Testament book of Zechariah.  Zach was one of the minor prophets that God called into His service.  We will learn how relevant his message to God’s people was in his day and in ours as well.  While the wind of God’s blessings is blowing in these days of grace, will we lift up our sails to catch all God has for us or will we let God pass us by?  Let’s learn what our part is in experience the full blessings of the life God has intended for us. We will soon be diving into teaching on Chapters 2 and 3.  This Sunday we will pause in our study to consider how great our God is and how much we can improve our reflection of Him through praying corporately together and then celebrating communion and finishing up with a fellowship meal.  Come join the fun.


Thursday, February  15th      

9:30 AM Women’s study of the Bible at FCC

7:00 PM Work night at FCC

Sunday, February 18th 

10:00 AM Communion corporate Prayer service followed by a fellowship meal

Monday, February 19th  

1:00 PM Community Prayer at FCC

Tuesday, February 20th

8:30 AM Pastor’s prayer at Community Bible Church in Black Creek

Wednesday, February 21st 

7:00 PM R 12 Study at FCC

Thursday, February 22nd   

9:30 AM Women’s study of the Bible at FCC

Friday, February 23rd-24th 

Weekend to Remember at Paper Valley Hotel

Saturday, February 24th

Noon to 8:00 PM working on the Church renovation

Sunday, February 25th   

10:00 AM Worship Service